My journey begins

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Why is it important for me to take a grade 12 university level English course?

I have a passion for learning. I love to continually learn new things. As my interests are quite diversified I find myself reading texts and/or practicing skills learned in theology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, business, entrepreneurship, investing, taxation, mechanical repair in automotive, small engine, and marine, boat building, blacksmithing, home renovation, gardening, cooking, baking, canning, electricity, electronics, computers, stationary engineering, health and fitness, canoeing, camping and fishing (I was looking for my passion – decided it is all the above).

My practical skills are quite competent, as I have studied, applied, failed often, and persisted until I got the desired result. When it comes to theoretical studies I feel I am skimming the surface, and I really want a deeper understanding of the information that I’ve read.

So, I am embarking in a new journey! I have decided the best way to gain the deeper knowledge I am looking for is to engage with others who are studying the same subjects. What better place to do this than at university. Beyond reading, I wish to be challenged in my thought process, through the questioning of professors and other students, through collaboration and conversation, and in writing.

Now to the question at hand. My expectation in taking a grade 12 university level English course is three fold. Firstly, as I have been out of school for a couple of years I need to get back into the game (writing has always been a painful process for me). Secondly, I expect to acquire the necessary skills I will need to be successful in university. And thirdly, in doing this grade 12 course well, it will give me the confidence to go to university knowing I have a strong foundation (as it comes with a guarantee).

I eagerly anticipate what this course has to offer as I engage in my new journey.